We provide a full complement of family dentistry with preventive services – cleanings, exams, sealants, preventive maintenance

Dental Implants

Bentley Family Dental is proud to be able to offer all forms of dental implants, a permanent solution to correcting your overall oral health.

Single Tooth

If you’ve lost a tooth due to an injury or decay, let us help you regain your confidence by installing an implant. Our experienced dentists can help you regain your smile by installing an implant.

Implant supported Bridge/Crowns 

If you have a tooth that is beyond the repair of a filling we will have a discussion of creating a new tooth, this is referred to as a crown. If there are a series of teeth that need to be replaced, this is called a bridge.

This long term solution can help restore your self-esteem 

Denture Implants

Denture Implants offer an incredibly secure fit and minimizes the movement of your denture. If you are exhausted from dealing with a constantly moving denture plate, this may be for you.


If your experiencing pain to hot or cold food items, sensitivity to sweets, or a constant tooth ache, you may have a cavity. Left untreated they can grow into larger problems. Let our dentists help repair your tooth by booking a filling. 

Crowns & Bridges

If you have a tooth that has started to crack, or is continually being repaired, it may be time to have the discussion of installing a dental Crown.

If you have multiple teeth that have broken, or have been extracted talk to our team about completing a dental Bridge.

Bentley Family Dental is happy to offer both options to our patients.


Restorative Dental

        The most commonly completed dental work. 

Surgical Services

Oral surgery is required for many different reasons. If you have a tooth that is impacted (stuck in the gums), badly broken teeth, severe infection, or extensive tooth decay we look for for intense treatments. 


An extraction is required for many reasons. If you’ve broken a tooth that cannot be repaired, or the decay is too severe we need to remove it before it can further damage the surrounding teeth 



Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are one of our common type of extraction. Most of the time our wisdom teeth are unable to fit in our jaw due to their size. We have to remove them to prevent damage to the other teeth and jaw.


We offer IV or Oral Sedation for these types of appointments. 

Full/Partial Dentures

Working with the many talented Denturists in the area, we are happy to offer both full and partial dentures. 

We understand that taking the leap to a set of dentures can be intimidating, but our experienced staff is 



Sometimes your denture can get damaged needs to be repaired. We are able to recast and restore any cracks or chips that may occur, allowing longevity to your denture. 

Additionally over time dentures may shift and need to be relined. If you are experiencing ill-fitted dentures, or if you feel like they are constantly shifting,  a reshaping may be required.



Once a certain amount of extractions occur we want to rebuild your teeth to provide the ability to properly chew and to restore your confidance. 

Hygiene Appointments

Dental cleanings should be completed every 3-12 months depending on personal gum health.


During your appointment we use a product called Fluoride to help restrengthen your tooth’s natural enamel. 

If we see dental caries beginning on the tooth, we also use Silver Diamine Fluoride to help prevent the further development of a cavity. 

The Canadian Dental Association supports the appropriate use of fluoride. More than 50 years of extensive research demonstrates that fluoride is safe and effective in preventing dental caries (i.e., tooth decay)

X-rays and Pangrams 

We recommend completing X-rays every 2 years to keep current on what is happening underneath the gums. 

Each of our operators have their own X-ray machines, and we have a full 360° Panagram X-ray on site. No need to travel to the city. 


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