Crafting Smiles, Harvesting Trust

At Bentley Family Dentistry, we believe that a good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything – and a healthy smile is the gateway to both!

Welcome to Our Practice

At Bentley Family Dentistry, trust is as vital as the treatments we provide. We’re not just a clinic; we’re a family—a trait intangible yet palpable in everything we do. We extend our hands with the assurance of quality care, innovative techniques, and a personalized approach that treats every individual as part of our extended Bentley family.

Our Unique Blend

Bentley Family Dentistry doesn’t simply fill cavities or straighten teeth; we architect comprehensive care tailored to each stage of life and need. Leveraging cutting-edge techniques like myofunctional therapy and Buteyko Breathing, we seek to address issues such as TMJ pain and sleep-related disorders among others. Our eagerness to adopt innovative treatments and practices, such as Silver Diamond Fluoride, is a testament to our forward-thinking approach to dental care.

Dental Anxiety?

Knowledge and compassion are our compasses here; we guide our patients through treatments with understanding and patience, ensuring that coming to the dentist can be associated with comfort and ease instead of fear. Click the button below to learn more about our pain relief options.