Additional Services

Nitrous Oxide, Oral and IV Sedation 

We understand that the dentist can be intimidating, that’s why we are happy to be able to offer Nitrous Oxide. Our licensed doctors will help counteract any sort of discomfort or fears you may have and help create a relaxing environment for you.

In addition to Nitrous Oxide, we also offer Oral and IV sedation for more extensive surgical procedures. Ask for dentist if these options are available to you. 

While Oral and IV sedation do not act as an anestetic, you will require someone to pick you up after your appointment. Please plan accordingly. 

Do you ever have headaches, neck aches or TMJ pain?  Or do you suffer from poor sleep quality as a result of snoring or mouth breathing?  Dr. Wyzykoski and our resident Myofunctional Provider, Hailey, will take a keen interest in trying to improve your life by reducing pain, and improving sleep through improved airway exercises and orthopedic development. 

All possibilities, including other treatment modalities and providers will be explored and presented as possible solutions for you to try improve your quality of life. 

Myofunctional Therapy


Here at Bentley Family Dentistry, we are excited to be able to offer our patients a wide selection of Orthodontics. Working with a series of different companies, we are able to provide you a custom tailored plan to create a smile you’re proud of. 



The Canadian Dental Association recommends bring your child into the dentist about 6 months after the 1st tooth erupts, or by age 1. This might sound young but starting early allows us to recognize if there are any orthopaedic issues that we may need to correct, and ensure the development of the teeth is on track. 

We recommend playing ‘Dentist’ with your child to prepare them for their first visit. Use a spoon to mimic a dental mirror, move it around their mouth and count their teeth together. If they are feeling squeamish, try it with one of their dolls or stuffed animals. 

Children’s Dentistry